Barony of Highland Foorde

Unto the populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia, greetings from the A&S Coordinators of Highland River Melees 2018!

Insurrection! Let your creative juices flow to create objects that inspired by the need to overthrow oppression. What oppression you ask? That which has led us to forget the light-hearted fun of days ago. Entries should refer to the motivation that used to encourage you to enter competitions. Prizes like a medieval mirror ball (shisha covered ball); Entries with horrible puns. Winners will be chosen by the Baronage but you can influence the outcome by leaving tokens of support (basic beads will be supplied) Spiffier tokens and beads are more influential. Bribing the judges might also be effective.

We have a few classes planned and a chainmaille competition.

DISPLAY (with a prize!) There will also be a display of things Highland Foorde - past, current, and future. A&S coordinator's choice gets a surprise thank you.
CREATIVITY WITH CHAINMAIL! Baron Fergus is sponsoring a contest challenging your creative use of chainmail There are three categories: Armor, Jewelry, and the ever popular Other. Documentation is encouraged but not required.

Bardic Performances

Baroness Lanea verch Kerrigan will host Bardics!

HRM Insurrection Bardic Challenge: Bardic Madness comes to Atlantia

As spring woke from her slumber, Baroness Lanea verch Kerrigan and Lady Lasair inghen ui hAirt wandered through the wilderness in search of inspiration. Their journey bore them to the Kingdom of Northshield, where they discovered a group of Bards engaged in a challenge for the ages.
Neither winner nor loser was proclaimed--rather, all rose together in victory. The two women trekked back to their homeland, full of joy and inspiration, and called upon all of the Bards of Atlantia to join them in a challenge to overthrow any bardic traditions that stifled the songs of their people.

Fyt one: Ottoman tales and songs:

Sponsored by Lasair

“The spider weaves the curtains in the palace of the Caesars The owl calls the watches in the towers of Afrasiab.” --Saadi Shirazi

Charm your audience with tales of Mehmed the Conqueror, songs of the Sultans, or treachery of viziers.

Fyt two: Insurrection

Sponsored by Lanea

Brutus: “Stoop, Romans, stoop, And let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood Up to the elbows, and besmear our swords: Then walk we forth, even to the market-place, And, waving our red weapons o'er our heads, Let's all cry 'Peace, freedom and liberty!'”

--Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 3:1:118-122
Sing us the songs of rebellion from your favorite period in history.

Fyt three: Sing it from the other side

Sponsored by Master Ruaidhri An Cu

“So sit beside the fire’s gleam And count the wrongs that I have borne I wait for Ragnarok and dream Hark! Is that the battle’s horn?”
Loki’s Song--Mikal Hrafspa (Mikal the Ram)

Enough heroes--bring us villains.

Lanea’s Geas: Lanea challenges all participants to attempt to reach enchanted ground during their performances during mini madness and at the bardic circle after feast. Strive to work entirely off-book, to avoid the mention or use of things that would jar the company out of their revery (cell phones, overtly modern contrafacta, etc.). Those who meet Lanea’s challenge will receive additional esteem and reward for their efforts. The person who collects the greatest number of Lanea’s tokens will receive a larger prize in recognition.

The rules, as imparted to by our esteemed friends from Northshield:
  1. A challenge is not a contest or competition; everyone who enters wins.
  2. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Bardic tent on Saturday morning. There are a limited number of performance slots in each challenge. You’re welcome to sign beneath the lines, but there’s no guarantee that there will be time for such additions.
  3. Please limit your performance time to 3 to 5 minutes per fyt.
  4. This is a bardic safe space. Take chances, be creative, don’t worry if you miss a line (we’ve all done it), put your heart into it... and above all, have fun.
  5. Don’t forget to greet your patron after your performance. They will have a present for you.
  6. Participants and spectators are encouraged to bring tokens of esteem to give to performers who impress them.

Highland River Melees Homebrew Competition

HRM will be hosting a homebrewing competition for 2018. The two main categories will be Ale/Beer/Lager and Cordials. There will also be a special entry category: Heather Ales. It wouldn’t be the Highlands without a heather ale, now would it?

Ribbons will be awarded to the best brews in each category with special recognition for the best Heather Ale.

Judging will be based on Atlantian Arts and Science criteria for Brewing, Vinting and Infusions which can be found here.
Entry forms are here: Brewers Guild Competition Form
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