Barony of Highland Foorde

Martial Activities

Martial activities will include armored combat, combat archery, siege, rapier, equestrian, thrown weapons, and archery with a number of scenarios.

Heavy Fighting


A Tyrant has taken the castle while the rightful King is away at war. Those loyal to the King rise up against the tyrant but tyrant has hired foreign troops. An Insurrection ensues. The battles will proceed as follows:

There will be four battlefields- woods, field, bridge, and castle. The Tyrant has hired mercenaries to protect him in his castle; the insurrection wants to stop the mercenary army before they get to the tyrant’s castle. That mercenary army will have no archers to start with.

Woods Battle

Mercenary forces start in the back of the woods. The people of the kingdom live in the lands these mercenaries march through. Anyone the mercenaries capture/kill in the woods will be conscripted into this army (on the next field). Any mercenaries killed will resurrect as loyal to the King on the next field. When the mercenaries get to the other side of the woods, the battle proceeds to the next stage. There will be archery only for the loyalist people of the kingdom, no siege. This battle will be the only way for the Tyrant to get archers for future battles.

Field Battle

Mercenary forces must fight their way to the bridge, they have unlimited resurrection. Res point at the edge of the woods. They proceed directly from the woods to the loyalist forces that are waiting for them in the field near the bridge. All casualties of loyalist army pre-deploy for the next battle on the far side of the bridge. There is archery, no siege. Quiver limit of 7 per life/ resurrection.

Bridge Battle

The mercenary army has two resurrections each/ three lives. The loyalists have no resurrections but pre deploy for the castle battle at the field side of the bridge (away from the castle). Archery and siege but siege weapons belong to the tyrant and are inside the castle at long range. (The bridge is side on to the castle). If the mercenary army makes it over the bridge they enter the castle of the Tyrant. All mercenaries who run out of resurrections become loyalists. Quiver limit 7 per life.

Castle Battle

The castle will have a main gate to be fought through and a hidden sally port. Once a sally port is used it is no longer hidden. Heavily outnumbered the Tyrant holds the castle. Loyalist forces have unlimited resurrection, mercenary forces get one resurrection, two lives. Loyalist forces resurrect at the point of death after a ten count on the ground. Engagement must be regained upon resurrection. The resurrection point for the mercenary forces is the camp. Quiver limit of 7 per life/resurrection. There are siege weapons in the castle only. If killed by a siege weapon you resurrect as a mercenary.

This is a continuous series battle up to the castle battle. The moment the attacking mercenaries reach the next field, the next battle begins. (There will be a water break just before the castle battle.) The battle is timed. Once one side completes this series there will be a rest period then a repeat with sides switched if wanted. Only the mercenaries will have tape.


Master Connor Levingestoune will create the melee scenarios for the rapier combatants.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons by Lord Geoffrey Doune.


Archery will be co-run by Lord Christoff le Strange and Alexandria of Stierbach, supported by The Honorable Company of Grimmsfield.

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