Barony of Highland Foorde

Martial Activities

Martial activities will include armored combat, combat archery, siege, rapier, youth combat, equestrian, thrown weapons, and archery with a number of scenarios.

Heavy Fighting

Armored/Heavy Fighting

Heavy Fighting: MiC - Sir Gaius Tascius Severus Fabianus (MKA) Greg Fabic

This will be a Mother of all battles format. Attacking force will attack from the field into hostile woodlands. The campaign will then progress to field, then bridges followed by a siege of a fortified position. Siege machines will be in the defensive position firing on attackers. Combat archery will be in all battles.


Siege: MiC - Lord Nicolo Santorio

I am Nicolo and will be acting as siege marshal for the event. I've done this for this particular event a few times. As siege is part of armored combat, I will follow Sir Tash's lead on how he would like siege incorporated into the fighting. I will be bringing an arbalest for fighters to use. We will be using available field time during the authorization period for some new recruits to do their test firing as part of their authorization.


Rapier: MiC - Nyvein Dyfnawal (MKA) Rachel Nyvein Faye

Rapier: Snowball Tournament

A tournament of progressively larger melees! Grow your army and lead it to victory!
Fighters assemble in a line in order of scarf or award level, and the line is folded in half. They face off in 1v1, and the victor becomes the leader of a team of two. The teams of two are paired by the same method based on the team leader’s scarf or award, and these teams fight a small melee. The winning team absorbs the other to become a team of four. Continue this until there are only two teams.
First and last rounds should probably be best of three, but each round can be one-and-done or best of three depending on time and space available.
It is likely that the final two teams will be used for the following melee scenarios:1

Rapier: The Mad Mancala Melee

Inspired by the game of mancala, you must move your team’s treasures from one side of the field to the other side.
The field will be a long, narrow rectangle with a rez zone at each end. Some number of circles will be painted in a line along the field, big enough for two fighters per circle. Teams will be marked with colored ribbons to distinguish each other.
Each team starts with a pile of treasures (loofas) in their rez equal to ¼ of their number of team members.

Win Condition:

  • Place your team’s entire stock of treasures into the opposing rez zone.
  • The first team to collect all their treasures into the opposite rez zone wins.
If you are carrying a treasure, and have both feet inside one of the circles, you cannot be killed until you leave the circle again!
Rules for Treasures:
  • You cannot interact with the opposing team’s treasures.
  • If you die while carrying a treasure, carry it back to your rez with you.
  • You can only carry one (1) treasure at a time, and you cannot carry anything else in the same hand as the treasure.
  • Handoffs of treasures between two living fighters is allowed, throwing them or passing them with weapons/parry devices is not.

Blacksword Tournament

Single elimination tournament, bring your best. Scores are recorded and may be used to aid in choosing champions for the Pennsic war points.

Rapier: Tafl-Style Ambush Battle

Inspired by the Norse game Hnefatafl, the Royal Guard clashes with Bandits over the fate of their Royal!
The field is square with flags or other markers in the corners. Guards will start in their rez zone in the center with a designated Royal (VIP) who will be distinctly marked. The Bandits begin in their rez zones, which are surrounding the edges of the field.
Limited rez, represented by baskets of loofa that are kept in the rez zones. The teams will be equal size but the Bandits have twice as many rez tokens as the Guards. Bandit rez tokens are split up between all four rez zones. The Royal is of noble constitution and is immune to leg and arm shots. They can rez as normal if there still enough rez tokens.
Additional: No DFB in this scenario.
Win conditions:

  • Guards: Protect your Royal until they can “escape” by reaching one of the corners.
  • Bandits: Permanently defeat the Royal by exhausting their rezzes.
Play twice, and switch sides.

Rapier: Coin Tournament

All fighters start with three (3) coins.
If you run out, you can go and request one (1) coin at a time from the MOL until there are no coins remaining in the pool.
Matches are challenge-based.
Agree on stakes and styles with your opponent, winner gets all wagered coins.
Proceed until time is called, winner is the one with the most coins at the end.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons by Lord Geoffrey Doune.


Archers take heed! The Revelry is upon us! A fun-filled shoot will be held on the archery range at Highland River Melees from 11:30am to 3pm. There will be prizes awarded for each rank, including a youth category. Come and join the party!

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